Pocket Fox

Pocket Fox is an alt-pop band from Canberra, Australia. Nicola plays clarinet and bass clarinet, and contributes backing vocals. She painted the original album cover artwork, along with a series of paintings, for the band's debut album The Brightest Light (2016).

Debut Album The Brightest Light – released February 2016
Lyrics and Chords – Luciana Harrison 
Arrangements – Pocket Fox and Sam King 
Performers – Claire Leske, Elizabeth Collier, Eloise Menzies, Katrina Leske, Luciana Harrison, Nicholas Peddle, Nicola Hearn, Patrick Conrick, Robin Dalton, Sam King, Sarah Greet and the YMS Winter School Singers 2014. 
Sound Engineer & Producer – Sam King, Merloc Studios 
Mastering – Andrew Edgson, Studios 301 
Album Art – Nicola Hearn 
Graphic Design – Kate Conrick